Our  Company "MLINPEK-Plazane" is one of the major suppliers of a wide range of bread and pastries in Despotovac region.  We are also producers of a full range of wheat flour and wheat products.
Our warehouse facility provides safe and quality storage for 5000 tons of wheat from rich Resava fields. The same quantity of high quality wheat from Srem  is processed in our mill.

The mill at Plazane is located on the main road Svilajnac – Despotovac. Travelers on this road often park on the side of the road to view our facility in amazement. And this is the curious reason for it…

The owner is well known for his love and interest for rare animals and his very large yard is filled with: alpacas, ostriches, donkeys and many more popular domestic animals. The photos of the yard have been taken from the road and they are not the best representation of the phenomen.